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More new anime

Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation: Itsuki attends a prestigious boarding school. He gets recruited into the student council by the beautiful and smart Rina (though the other student council members are not enthousiastic about it). His task is to play Phantasy Star Online 2 and submit reports about his adventures there. In-game, he meets a mysterious player who helps him out when he enters an instance unprepared...
I wonder about the combination of school and MMO, but there it is. Don't watch it for the deep plot.

Bubuki Buranki: Akira lives with his father and his mother in a forested area with the remains of robots amongst the trees. It's an idyllic life, until the robots wake up and start tearing the place apart! Their mother sends him and his sister with one of the robots back to Earth(!). Then, some years later, Azuma is purused by an agency that takes an interest in robots, but he is saved by a band of rebels who have parts of robots to summon.
It starts really cool: I would have been happy to see more of the idyllic life. But then it turns into some sort of cyberpunk distopia, and two factions that battle each other with parts of robots that they have a mystic connection with. Now I want to know more.

Sekkou Boys: A girl has graduated art academy. The one thing she absolutely hated was that she continuously had to sketch statues! But now she got a job as a manager at a talent agency, and she is about to manage a boy-band! However, the boys are actually... plaster statues.
Short and nonsensical...

Prince of Stride: Alternative: There's this sport called "Stride", which is a cross between parkour and a relay race. One school completely dominates the competition, and Nana decides to go to that school in order to become the manager for the Stride club there. But all the third years have left to concentrate on college entrance exams, and the Stride club had to merge with the Shogi club to keep enough members. They manage to recruit enough members to round out a team, but first they have to beat their senpai in a run through the school!
Sports anime for a sport that doesn't exist! The running and the tricks are nicely animated though, but it's not for us.

Haruchika: Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru: Chika wants to make a fresh start in highschool and be more like a lady. So she decides against joining the volleyball club (though they would like to have her!) and she joins the band, playing flute. Her childhood friend Haruta is also in the club. One day, a message is scrawled on the blackboard, in code...
Solving mysteries in a rather sassy way, and band club? And then Haruta declares he is Chika's competitor for the teacher's affections? We really liked it.

Schwarzesmarken: At the height of the cold war, aliens attack Earth! Only mecha seem to be able to withstand them. In East Germany, the Stasi makes sure that everybody stays in line, with the war as a pretext. The focus of the series is a mecha squad who rescue a pilot from West Germany, who asks for asylum.
Nasty and brutish, blood spattering everywhere without any spark of hope anywhere to be found. Depressing.
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