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More January anime

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime S2: Second season of Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, picks up right where the first season left off. There's some talk about somebody being after her, and she then is sent off to her home country on an invitation...

Divine Gate: Some people have the ability to manipulate the elements. And if you get really good at it, you might be able to find the Divine Gate, which will grant any wish. There's a school for "gifted children", with some sort of shady "World Council" running the show. One particularly morose boy seems to be a very able water-manipulator, but he doesn't want anything to do with the school. Two kids are sent to recruit him, but he refuses.
There's a lot of stuff going on, but it's all kept behind the scenes in order to make it all mysterious and all. There's quite a bit of a disconnect between the clean and light atmosphere of the school and the background of our morose hero. It's just not that good.

Ao no Kanato no Four Rythm: A new girl is going to enter the school on a little archipelago. It's a special region where anti-gravity shoes are allowed, which gave rise to a sport called "Flying Circus". The new girl has to learn how to use the shoes, and when she sees an elite player bully someone else, she challenges the bully for a match.
The main heroine has a voice that's so squeaky only dogs can hear her. It's just not very interesting, and why do they insist on flying around wearing relatively short skirts...!?

Dimension W: A scientist found a way to tap into another dimension with some sort of 'coil', offering unlimited power -- but then he disappears. There's a brisk trade in unlicensed coils, and it's the task of Collectors to get those off the streets, getting a bounty for each coil. One of these is Kyouma, who maintains a fondness for gas-powered cars. On one job, he meets an android girl, and he brings her in.
There's more to the coils than meets the eye. Kyouma isn't really a sympathetic character, but as far as SF action series goes, this promises to be interesting.

Saijaku Muhai Bahamut: Lux was a prince of a country that was defeated, and in its place a new country was established, leaving Lux and his sister to wander the land to pay off their ransom. And of course he manages to drop into the bath of the Dragon Knight academy, which of course only has female students... He is challenged to a duel using the magical swords that summon magical armour, and afterwards he is offered a place as a student in the academy.
We were ten minutes into the first episode, and klik asked me: "Wait, haven't we seen this already?" Yes, if you keep up with all the series, you have seen this concept (with slightly different backgrounds) many, many times. And it's never interesting!

kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!: A hikikomori dies in a traffic accident as he returns from buying a new game. He gets presented with a choice by Aqua, one of the godesses. He can go to heaven, or he can reincarnate with his memories intact in a sparsely populated world that is threatened by a demon lord. He also can choose what to bring with him -- and to spite the goddess, he choses her! That's not what she bargained for, but since it's within the rules, she gets sent along with him. Once they're there, they find out they don't even have enough money to join the Adventurer's Guild!
Very amusing setup: funny to see how the goddess deals with being an adventurer and how the boy will deal with this world not particularly conforming to the ideas and knowledge he has from computer games. Lots of lightweight fun.
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