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When the new season rolls around, I try to stay on top of watching the series and writing my first-episode reviews. This time... not so much. But we've seen everything that's out (so far), so let's see how fast I can blaze through!

Gate Season 2: More Gate! The cast is expanded somewhat when we make the acquaintance of the crown prince, who seems a stupid brute. Other than that, it picks up right where we left off, so that's good.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar: It seems like one of those "players get stuck in a game"-type of series, but this time, they can't remember their old lives. They get drafted in some sort of 'volunteer army', because it's the only way to make a living for newly arrived people. But they have to start at the bottom of the ladder, and everything seems to be geared towards exploiting the newbies: they get 20 gold for joining the army as a 'trainee recruit', but then have to pay 6 gold back to get their badge, etcetera. The strong people band together, leaving a band of weaker people to fend for themselves -- and they can't even defeat a single goblin with their full party!
Interesting concept,and I feel for the plight of the newbie party. The visuals are quite nice, and I think the plot will gradually open up when the party gains experience to show just what it is that the volunteer army is fighting.

Dagashi Kashi: Kokonotsu (nicknamed "Coconuts") wants to be a manga author, but his father wants him to take over his traditional sweets shop in rural Japan. Then one day, the daughter of the president of a sweets company comes to scout his father to work for them (turns out he's kind of a celebrity because of the weird combinations he thinks up), but his father has one condition: Kokonotsu has to take over the shop! So now Kokonotsu is pursued by a gothloli who wants to win him over to the idea of contuing the shop, while he also has to juggle his budding relationship with the coffeeshop girl...
Amusing series, fun to see more of rural Japan depicted in anime, and a great setup for all sorts of bizarre situations.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi: Satoru is an aspiring mangaka, but he needs to work at a pizza delivery place to make ends meet. He has a special power: he gets transported into the past when something bad is about to happen. When he saves a boy from being run over (there seem to be an awful lot of truck accidents involving pedestrians in Japan...), he gets wounded and his mother comes to visit to stay with him. They reminisce about Satoru's time in grade school, and how a girl in his class was abducted and killed -- Satoru was the last one to see her alive. Then he gets another one of his 'episodes' and he warns his mother. She sees something happening that she later realises was a kidnapping in progress, which is related to the abduction back then...
I don't want to give too much away, but let me tell you that it is really interesting. It's a supernatural detective story, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Ajin: The Ajin are immortal: if you kill them, they will simply get back up. They are a favourite subject for study, and are not considered human. But of course you only discover that someone is an Ajin when they die. So of course our protagonist, a studious boy of seventeen, gets run over by a truck (yes, really) and then gets up again. Of course, now the hunt is on, and he has to escape! His erstwhile friend is the only one he can turn to for help.
Stilted CGI animation, and a main character that I just couldn't empathise with.

Musaigen no Phantom World: Spirits have returned, and school kids are assembled in teams in order to contain and seal them. A particular duo isn't that effective, but they get gy -- until they find a 'spirit eater' who can seal the spirits quickly. They recruit her in their team, and their first mission is to seal away a trio of limbo-dancing utility poles.
Not interested, especially not when one of the main characters has to jiggle her boobs to make the limbo...
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