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Sake tasting notes

We kinda enjoy sake as a drink. The national off-license chain has two types available, and we kinda like the cheapest bottle, which is around 16 euros. Chilled, it's pretty nice. But in Japan, when we were staying at the ryokan in Aso, the owner came by with chilled sake for a taste, and that was really something else! So smooth and sweet, and while 'our' sake isn't bad, it's not like that.
It turns out there's a Dutch webshop specialised in sake, and one of their offerings is a sake tasting package, consisting of three different bottles to try out, for a price of 15 euros per bottle. So, why not take a chance, we might find something that's better than our usual type!

These are the three bottles that we received. Left one is Minatoya Tosuke. It's best drank chilled, and it's smooth and sweet -- the best one in this bunch, I think.
Middle is the Shirataki Classic Red. It's hard to describe, but the sake tingled in our mouths, giving it a really full flavour experience. Not as smooth, but that means it had more 'structure'. Best when drank at room temperature.
Right is the Hokkan Junmai Ginjo. It had a slight acidic taste that we didn't like when it was chilled or at room temperature, but when we warmed it up, that disappeared and it got a bit more full-bodied.

I would happily drink any of these again, so we ordered another tasting package! It came in today, but more on that later...

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