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Finished series: Himouto! Umaruchan

We've finished watching Himouto! Umaruchan.
Main character is Umaru, who has it all: she is beautiful, gets good grades and is athletic. But at home, she is a total slob who does nothing but play games and read manga, while eating snacks and drinking cola. This is all much to the despair of her older brother who frequently gets manipulated by Umaru to do her bidding -- otherwise she throws a tantrum in public, and when a cute girl is crying, she is always right...
This disconnect between Umaru at home and outside is the biggest source of comedy, but of course it starts to wear thin after a few episodes. So by and by, more characters are introduced -- some know Umaru as she is at home, others only know her 'public' face, thereby expanding the situations wherein Umaru's secret could potentially be exposed.
You know, the usual pattern for comedies that have a not-so-strong premise. It's twelve episodes, and after that you're kinda done with it too.
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