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Finished series: Charlotte

We've finished watching Charlotte.
Yu has a super power: he can take over the bodies of others for five seconds, while his body falls unconscious. He uses this to cheat his way into a high-ranking highschool and getting into all sorts of mischief, including getting the most popular girl of the school as his girlfriend. In short, he is a self-absorbed prick. But then he gets found out by the student council of another school -- and they all have special powers too! He gets blackmailed into transferring and living in their dorm, together with his sister.
From there it turns into a bit of a 'esper of the week' format for a few episodes, but then it all goes to hell, involving time travel, terrorist plots and human experimentation! But this is a Key-story, so it stands to reason that it starts off relatively tame and then quickly escalates into a mayor disaster that somehow gets a kind-of good ending.

It was OK to watch, but it's not groundbreaking in any way. If you liked other stories by them (like Little Busters! or Air) then this will not disappoint you.
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