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Finished series: Overlord

We've finished watching Overlord. The series starts when the servers for an online Virtual Reality MMORPG (on par with Sword Art Online or Log Horizon's Elder Tale) will be shut down. The guild leader for a particular high-level guild sits around waiting for the game to end... and then it doesn't and he gets stuck in the game. But the NPCs are suddenly becoming sentient, and his (powerful) servants are (still) loyal to him.
Meanwhile, the guild HQ has been transported to an unfamiliar place. The player sets out to see if there are other players still stuck in the game, but he does get stuck in the politics of the world.

The concept is interesting -- it's quite different from Log Horizon and Sword Art Online, even though the premise is similar. However, instead of setting out to conquer the world or something like that, our player gets knee-deep into all sorts of petty politics and low-level stuff. And he has such a large reservoir of really powerful items and skills that he is never really challenged by what happens. Even if he is a mage and poses as a fighter, he can deal with everything by simply overpowering it. (And there are some really nasty scenes as well...)

In the end, it's just not as interesting as it could have been -- it degenerated into a childish power fantasy trip.
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