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[First episode reviews here]Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan: Touya meets Hakone, a hot-spring spirit who has lied dormant for many years. She agrees to help him with winning the heart of a girl, but he has to help her regain her power.
This one is just not very interesting. Hakone is a bit of a whiny kid, and the episodes are too short to do anything about character development.

Komori-san wa Kotowarenai!: Komori is a middle-school student who can't refuse a request. It's just not that interesting, and the emphasis on Komori's... physical assets is jarring.http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=16973

Hacka Doll: The Animation: Hacka Dolls are programs designed to locate information for humans, like a search engine in the form of an android (female, of course) with a personality. But some are more succesfull than others, and three hacka dolls are sent away on probation: they have to make a human's life better by assisting them -- which is of course easier said than done.
Again, not that interesting, with the hacka doll's personalities being really grating. The concept is interesting, but then they had to go and make it a stupid comedy out of it...

Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note: Aya is doing great at cram school, so she is placed in a special class, where she meets four boys -- each with their own character. Aya is not off to a great start with them, but that gets smoothed over. Then a bicycle goes missing and the five of them start to investigate.
Pretty well drawn, and I like how Aya stands her ground when the boys belittle her. Interesting to see how they come together to solve crime.

Fushigi na Somera-chan: Somera learned some secret, magical technique that she uses with the best of intentions, but it only serves to make the lives of her friends harder...
It's short, shouty, ugly and random. I don't know why anyone would watch this.

Osomatsu-san: There used to be an old gag anime of seven brothers, with an additional cast of characters. They're now being re-made, but of course they feel they need to modernise -- which they do by turning into the bishounen student council for a high school...
Fourth-wall breaking, kinda weird. Describes itself as a "whacky comedy", but none of it was even snigger-worthy.

JK Meshi!: Short episodes about highschool girls cooking. It's short and kinda stupid, but if you can't cook, then maybe you'll learn something from this. Do not expect anything like Koufuku Graffiti.

Itoshi no Muco: Muco is the dog of Komatsu the glassblower, who lives somewhere on a mountain. Muco really adores Komatsu, and she is a friendly, enthousiastic dog. But of course, she doesn't really understand how humans work...
Kinda fun, and if you're a dog person, then this will probably all be familiar. We liked the first episode well enough, but it didn't really 'grab' us.

Brave Beats: Hibiki meets Bureikin, a dancer from the Dance Kingdom who challenged the king and was defeated -- so as a penalty, he was transformed into some sort of robot and sent to the human world. He latches onto Hibiki, and lets him use the Power of Dance to collect all the 'dance fragments'...
Made for little kids, with a weird plot. Learn new dance moves every week!

Shin Atashin'chi: The 'adventures' of a normal family. Amusing situations depicted with a compassionate view.
It strongly reminded us of My Neighbours the Yamadas -- which is good. Cool detail: the eldest, a daughter, is called Mikan, and the youngest, a son, is called Yuzu...

Peeping Life Season 1?: Short sketches, some using characters from Tezuka's works (like when Black Jack visits a doctor and gets swindled out of his wallet). Seems like they're made with motion capture. Oddly intriguing.

And that concludes my reviews of the new season!
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