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More new anime

Here's some more reviews of new anime this season. There will be more.

[Lots of reviews]Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu Ka??: Second season of the story of Cocoa doing a homestay at the Bunny Cafe. Inconsequential fluff, which we like.

Concrete Revolutio: The story of a teenaged witch who gets involved with an organisation that tries to police all the superheroes and aliens in the city. Her sempai leaves the organisation, and she chases after him ever since.
It looks really gorgeous: sharp contrasts, colourful setting. But ultimately it seemed like a bit of a narrative mess, and we couldn't really care that much for what happened. It all seemed too... random.

Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou: The Attack on Titan Middle School, where we meet the cast of the original anime at their first day of school. But then the titans attack, taking their precious lunches! Eren won't stand for it anymore, and he decides to fight back!
A totally odd concept, and I'm not sure why this was made. Perhaps to keep interest in the franchise going while the manga plods on to provide enough plot for a new anime series?

Dance with Devils: Schoolgirl's life falls apart when her mother is kidnapped and her house is ransacked -- but when she returns with the police, the place is once again rebuilt (though her mom is still gone). Then the pretty schoolcouncil boys get involved: they seem to know more...
Reverse harem series, with some supernatural elements. It has all the trappings, including the songs! The boys seem a bit one-dimensional though, playing to their stereotypes and not much more.

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid: Mamori is a 'Mermaid', which means she transforms into a weapon when she gets (sexually) aroused by an expert wielder, who can then wield her in battle.
Total fanservice-bait, with only the flimsiest of plots. I wonder what went wrong for this to be made.

Lance 'n Masques: Youtarou is a knight, but he needs to hide is identity as such: when he brings out his lance, he also wears a mask. Whenever a damsel is in distress, he can't resist saving her and then spouting "chivalric" nonsense. He meets a girl who lives alone, and his knight-syndrome kicks in full force.
Not too bad, but Youtarou's behaviour really irked me for some reason. And in the end, we just didn't care about what happened.

Kowabon: Webcams are infected with evil spirits, 'hair-horror' ensues. Filmed footage traced to make it into animation, which gives it a weird look.

Young Black Jack: A prequel to the Black Jack mangas by Tezuka, it shows a young medical student in the 60's in Japan, amid the student protests, doing a 'mercenary' operation to save the limbs of a small boy who got hit by a train.
I liked the social commentary and a view into the situation of Japan in the 60's (to me that looks historically plausible), but I don't think I like the Black Jack-style of brooding hero who is oddly competent. At the end of the episode, we just shrugged and moved on.

High School Star Musical: There's this school specialising in the performing arts, and Yuuta enters it, wanting to become a dancer and singer in a musical. The top student of each department is placed in the Kao Kai, and they select the students they will personally teach. Yuuta isn't that good, but together with a bunch of other misfits, they amuse a member of the Kao Kai enough that he lets them into his own class.
Yuuta is a likable fellow with a sincere wish, and all the other boys have their own problems -- unlike in some other series, they don't seem mere two-dimensional pretty manflesh. (Also: there's no girl in sight, so it's not a reverse harem either.) And now this rag-tag band of boys has to be changed into a group of musical stars!

Kagewani: Supernatural monsters exist, and if you go to a deserted island to fake video footage of one, they will emerge and eat you!
At least, that's what happens in the first episode. The characters doing the faking are kind of unlikable, so it's not a big loss when they get eaten, but once that was that, we lost interest.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans: Set on Mars, where some people want to gain independence from Earth. When a young woman is set to travel to Earth to plead for that, a company is contracted to provide security. That company employs ex-child soldiers as dispensible cannon-fodder -- and when they get attacked by unknown forces, it's those orphans who protect the young woman with one of their old battle-suits.
Looks gorgeous in a gritty way, but it also has complex characters with a complex web of interactions. There is bound to be lots of things right under the surface waiting to burst into the scene.
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