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New anime mega-post!

No, I have not forgotten to watch the new season's first episodes, but the preparations for our trip to Japan and the actual trip itself took up so much time that I did not get around to posting the reviews. Of course we watched the episodes, and I'll give you our reviews now. This is the first batch of first episode reviews.

[Reviews under here]One Punch Man: A guy dreams of becoming a super-hero. He trains hard, but then he gets so strong that he can defeat every opponent in only one punch. That gets kinda boring...
Quite funny, with a super-bored super-guy who kind of regrets becoming the superhero he is.

Noragami Aragoto: Sequel to Noragami. Seems to 'normalise' the setting again, re-introducing all the characters and their relationships. No sight of an actual plot yet in the first episode. If you liked the first series, this promises more of that goodness.

K: Return of Kings: Another sequel of a series that ran some time ago. It jumps right back into the action with a big fight between the blues and the reds. Meanwhile, the greens are up to no good!
We got bored half-way, it's mainly two groups posing and shouting at each other. We watched the first series, but we'll be skipping this sequel.

Gakuen Toshi Asterisk: Something about a city filled with the top schools where the students are taught to develop their supernatural talents. Each year there's a tournament to find the strongest fighter of all the schools. Ayato joins one of the schools, sees the top fighter girl in her underwear, which of course results in a duel between the two.
This concept of "school where you get trained in supernatural combat powers" is getting a bit long in the teeth. This implementation of it did not bring anything new to the table -- there's nothing here that we haven't seen a dozen times before.

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry: And here we have another: a school for Magic Knights. Ikki attends, but he is unable to manifest any magic -- he is literally "the worst one". Stella, a princess who has high magic power, is forced by the principal to be his roommate... A duel ensues!
Ikki is likable and hard-working, not the "mysteriously competent" like Ayato. We liked this incarnation of the concept much, much better.

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru: Shoutarou has a bit of an odd part-time job: he hangs around Sakurako, a woman in her 20s who collects "beautiful bones" as a hobby. Shoutarou is her muscle, and he gets to dig where she tells him to dig -- often there are bones involved. And when there are bones involved, there are signs of a crime...
We thought it was a great series, with a bit of a novel concept. Sakurako is, of course, rather rude (Dutch would say: 'direct'), but she does know her stuff. Shoutarou is the 'straight man', her long-suffering assistant who tries to smooth over Sakurako's breaches of etiquette. If you like CSI-type series, then this will be relevant to your interests.

Heavy Object: Conventional weapons were rendered obsolute when the Heavy Objects appeared: impenetrable mobile fortresses that can deal with anything that crosses their path. These days, a war is mainly a battle between Heavy Objects, with the loser ceding ground to the victor: once you lost your Heavy Object, there is no reason to keep resisting against the superior firepower. Quenser and Heivia are soldiers on a base serving a Heavy Object. Since there is little chance for them to ever do any actual fighting, they have a bit of a carefree life. Milinda, the Object pilot, can't afford to be like that.
Interesting mega-mecha concept, with likable characters. There's not much plot (yet), but you know there will be some sort of conflict in the future, and it will be interesting to see how the characters will deal with that.

Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai: Magic-users are persecuted, and the people who go after them are trained at a school, organised in platoons. In this particular school, the 35th platoon is particularly bad, and when an active agent makes a grave mistake during a mission, she is forced to join this bunch of losers.
Kinda interesting to see how the losers will bond/help the agent with her traumas. Maybe they will shape up when they get inspired by her?

Subete ga F ni Naru: Moe is a rich girl, whose late father was a researcher of some sort. She hangs around the lab of his last student, because she really likes him -- but she doesn't really have anything to add to his research. There's also a mysterious scientist that supposedly killed her parents, but you only get to speak to her through video chat. Then the lab goes on a field trip, and Moe makes sure that she is invited too.
Slow build-up, but the visuals are cool and the inter-character dynamic is really well thought out. I want to see more of this.

Shomin Sample: At a boarding school for elite girls, they have ran into a problem: the girls are brought up so isolated from society that once they graduate, they do not know how to behave around men. The solution is to kidnap a "commoner boy" so that the girls can find out more about commoners and boys -- two birds in one stone! Only the boy is not homosexual as they think...
Yeah, one boy in a school filled with elite girls -- haven't we seen this before? If you're into that sort of thing, then it might be kinda cool. As it is, it only elicited some eyerolls from us.

Comet Lucifer: Giftium is some kind of crystal that gets mined. Sogo is also a (hobby) miner as a part-time job. He gets caught up in a very wild chase and ends up at the shore of an underground lake with a friend. Then mecha drill through the walls, and the crystal Sogo is carrying activates, and a girl with a big mecha appears!
The underground scenes reminded me very strongly of Laputa, which perhaps made me like it more than I would have otherwise, based on the plot and visuals so far. But mecha and a setting that seems kinda science-fantasy? I do like me some of that.

Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen: The main character wakes up with amnesia in a land he does not recognise -- he doesn't even know his own name! He gets saved by a dog-eared girl, who takes him under her wing -- but he has to pull his weight when working at the village!
Second series of Utawarerumono, and I think it's set much later than the first series. There are some similarities between the two series, and I am curious to see where this one takes the concept.
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