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Best way to post vacation photos?

So, we'll be in Japan in about a month's time. Like usual, I am going to type up daily reports (in Dutch) that I am going to mail out to interested parties. But we'll also be taking quite a few photos -- both with cellphones (me) and with DSLR camera's (klik). We would like to share these with the people who read the reports -- but obviously we'd rather not send all those shots through e-mail.
So now I'm looking for a light-weight way to distribute those photos -- preferrably with captions, and a way to group photos together, so that you can see all photos from a single day together. I would like to be able to post through an app on my android phone as well -- so CMS'es with a fiddly interface are not my preference.

What should I do? Upload to LJ and make a post there? Just make a tumblr? Host a wordpress blog somewhere? Something else?
Tags: lazyweb, tools

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