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Finished series: Samurai Flamenco

We've finished watching Samurai Flamenco. You know those Japanese hero shows, that were then cut up and remixed into Power Rangers? Well, this photomodel has watched too many of those, and wants to become a hero like that himself. So he dresses up as Samurai Flamenco and starts berating kids who make noise late at night, gets beaten up, etcetera.
[And then it sort of... escalates.]And then it sort of... escalates. He manages to get a following, gets a sidekick, cleans up crime in a neighbourhood, and then a real evil organisation pops up, they start beating up the monsters this King Torture sends out, and then he beats King Torture. And then it turns out that this was only the vanguard of a huge evil organisations, who send out the Four Kings to attack Japan. And then it turns out that there is a secret government organisation already set up to deal with this, and he gets to be the Red Flamenger, complete with mecha that combine into a giant robot. They defeat the Four Kings, but it turns out that they were only a subgroup of the 64 Generals... But those are also a subgroup, etcetera. During the final assault of more than 65000 monsters, it turns out that all those heroes from the shows actually exist and they turn up to help defeat all those monsters, while the Flamenger team halts a giant drill that's trying to get Mt Fuji to erupt. But then they get blamed for the whole thing -- the prime minister seeks to up his approval rating to power his armour, but Samurai Flamenco defeats him anyway. The prime ministers needed to become more powerful because an alien would attack the Earth, and he wanted to protect Japan against that. Samurai Flamenco goes in his stead and manages to defeat the alien, after which he gets to meet the Will of the Universe...

Quite the roller-coaster ride. What would take a complete normal series, passes in about three or four episodes here, and then it's time for the next step of the escalation! It was interesting to see what they would come up with next, but the plots themselves are not that interesting -- good thing they're short. The visuals are not that good either at times.
If you're totally into hero shows or want to be kept on your toes, then it comes recommended. Otherwise, it definately lacks the wow-factor.
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