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Finished series: Saenai Heroine no Sodate-kata

We've finished watching Saenai Heroine no Sodate-kata.

Aki is a bit of an alpha-nerd: his blog is read by many, and he even managed to build up a loyal following for his favourite light-novel author -- who turns out to be his sempai at school. One day, he has an 'event' happen to him: standing at the foot of a hill, he catches a girls' white beret that was blown from her head. This stirs a fierce passion in him: he vows to make a dating sim featuring this mysterious beauty as the female lead. In order to do this, he recruits the help of the light novel author and a chidhood friend who works as a doujinshi artist. They're both quite high-strung and in competition with each other over Aki's affections.
And then Aki finds out that his mysterious beauty is actually his classmate Megumi, who is plain in every respect. She undergoes Aki's enthousiasm with calm. She joins the team and delivers the dead-pan commentary to Aki's life that is increasingly starting to look like a dating sim itself...

OK, so if you know about the various tropes in harem and dating sim anime, then it's mildly amusing. It won't get any points for originality though. And there's not really an ending to the series -- perhaps there will be a second season, but probably not.
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