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RPGs and PDFs

So I have been eyeing the Dragon Age RPG by Green Ronin Games. It has been released in three boxed sets, but now got collected (with errata edited in) into a single book. I sold my old phone to my sister for the price of the book. But I also know that I do most of my RPG reading from PDF, on my 7" tablet.
There's an initiative called Bits and Mortar, which allows retailers who sell books from several RPG publishers to give a copy of the PDF of the same book along with the physical book. The reasoning is that it's good service to the customer and that it helps retailers keep product on the shelves. Several companies that I buy stuff from are in the program, like Cubicle 7 (I have their whole line for The One Ring) and Evil Hat (whose Fate Core I used for the second half of the Streamdales campaign).
But Green Ronin is not part of the program, so I would not get the PDF if I bought the book. So I asked on twitter if they would consider joining the program, and somehow Fred Hicks of Evil Hat commented with some really interesting insights on how the RPG publishing business works and how a publisher evaluates a question like that.

If you're an RPG consumer, then this whole book versus PDF thing is interesting to read.

Also, I have decided I will be getting the Dragon Age RPG PDF for $30, and have $25 spending money left for something else...
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