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Introducing roleplaying to interested newbies

This weekend, we visited friends to introduce them to RPGs in general (and D&D in particular). Family of four: parents in their 40s, daughters aged 11 and 13. And there was a friend of the eldest daughter, who had called out, when she heard they were going to play D&D: "Oh, can I please join... I have wanted to play D&D my whole life! I am so glad I now know nerd people!" How could I refuse?
I pre-generated characters, wrote up some background for each and some tips about their role in the party. I also brought my wife, who would round out the party at six PCs -- she has prior experience and so she could coach and support the others.

And so it happened that Boots, the Human Fighter (dad), Ishtar the Dwarf Cleric of Lathander (mom), Emmy the High Elf Wizard (youngest daughter), Raven the Half-Elf Ranger (eldest daughter), Artemis the Wood Elf Fighter (friend) and Appel the Halfling Rogue (my wife) found themselves in the border city of Kingsbury. They saw an advert from a herb merchant who was looking for adventurers. I had given them all some reason to seek funds, so that motivated them to take this job. (But in the rest of the scenario they worked only for their own purses, there is no party treasure!)

Personal highlights:
- Artemis capturing a woodman boy and referring to him as "my slave" from that point on;
- Emmy miming with the woodman boy to ask all sorts of questions and being able to interpret the responses;
- Emmy taking a hit during the first fight. That really impressed on the group that the Wizard needed to be protected;
- The group negotiating with the wood people, and learning about the bad Mountain God in the volcano who insisted on human sacrifices;
- Dispatching the two Goblins on the watch platform right before they could trigger the alarm;
- Everybody missing their attacks against the team of three hobgoblins, until Emmy calmly stepped up and burned two of them to a crisp with her Burning Hands. That impressed the group that the Wizard, while physically weak, could dish out unparalleled damage too;
- Artemis almost never getting to do her second short sword attack, instead dispatching enemies with the first sword thrust;
- The friend asking to leaf through the Monster Manual again, because she saw that I had marked certain pages -- and she wanted to take a peek at the next monster... (I didn't let her!)
- The kids correctly piecing together all the clues to determine that a Wizard, who had his laboratory under the mountain, had captured a Fire Elemental. Then he had turned into a Nothic, and tortured the elemental to make that spooky sound to convince the woodmen to give up a sacrifice. Then he made the Goblins to collect the people so he could feed on them!

I didn't play it to the hilt, so it wasn't too hard for them. Everybody survived, and they made level 2!

Everybody had a good time, but it is true: kids can only play Chaotic characters! The friend insisted we make it a monthly campaign, but I'm not so sure about that... but I am sure we will play with that group again.
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