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Finished series: Captain Earth

We've finished watching Captain Earth. It's a bit of a confusing series, with space vampires that live both on board of a spaceship stranded in orbit around Uranus, but they also live on Earth as re-incarnated, genetically manipulated children, but also on board of mecha that attack Earth. And when they reach Earth, they will harvest all of Earth's Orgone energy to power their spaceship up again. (And of course, that would pretty much deplete Earth of all life.)
So it befalls on Globe to defend the Earth against them, and one boy gets caught up with it all -- he ends up riding a so-called "impacter" to intercept the space-fighters of the vampires. He is aided by the "Intercept Fraction", who want to intercept and defeat the vampires, but there's also the "Ark Fraction", who want to load up a big spaceship with specially selected people in cryosleep and flee the Earth to start over somewhere else.
Does that sound confusing? It kinda is -- at least, to me. Maybe I missed some vital exposition, or maybe the background is much deeper than is shown. But on another level, it is a typical mecha anime where a bunch of teenaged kids have the fate of the Earth riding on their performance, and it's a competently executed series. There's a good focus on the relationships between the kids and how they deal with the pressure and the danger. We enjoyed it.
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