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Last new anime

Sore ga Seiyuu!: We follow a novice voice actress who gets her first job -- a tiny part, but she gets to work with many well-known veterans in the industry, which makes her a bit nervous...
It tries to be the Shirobako of voice acting, but it's more of a documentary than a story, which makes it a bit boring. But if someone is ever going to make the series they're working on, Buddha Fighter Boddhisatvon, I will be sure to watch that!

Overlord: The servers for an MMORPG are going to be shut down. The guildmaster of one of the guilds that has seen better days just waits out the end in the guild-chamber, but when the time rolls by, he is still in the game! And the scripted NPCs the guild created suddenly start to react intelligently, following the general parameters set for them by their scripts...
OK, so it's another one of those 'people getting stuck in a VRMMORPG'-things, but this one is pretty interesting, because the main character is set to become one of the 'end bosses' for the dungeon his guild designed. It amused us.

SuzakiNishi the Animation: Not sure what this is about. Two girls who both transfer into a school at the same time. Nothing of consequence in here if you weren't a huge fan of the two voice actresses to begin with.

Monster Musume: Monster races are real, and to foster understanding between them and humans, they get invited for homestays with human families by a governmental agency. That is how Kimihito ends up with a Naga girl living with him. She seems desperate to get into his pants, but that is actually forbidden! (Never mind the, eh, logistics of something like that...)
So, it's one of those series. If you're desperate to see how monster girls lust after some non-descript guy for no apparent reason, then this is for you...

Prison School: An all-girl boarding school starts to admit male students -- but in the first year, there's only five boys in there. The girls never talk to any of the boys, and the plan is hatched to peep into the female bathroom... Of course they get found out, and the 'shadow student council' punishes the boys by locking them up in a shed and torturing them...
...Right. Of course the shadow student council consists of sadistic beautiful girls, and the loser boys kinda enjoy being beaten up by them... The character designs are also kinda like caricatures. Again, a series with a rather... niche appeal.

God Eater: Divine monsters have appeared, killing humanity. They have retreated to a walled city, and the so-called God Eaters, humans with special powers, fight against the monsters. The only problem is that there aren't many of them... Our hero gets recruited as a God Eater, but still has much to learn about fighting them. When the monsters invade the city, he gets into the thick of the fight and shows that his power is special...
It sounds like a second-rate version of Attack on Titan, and perhaps the premise is the same. What the humans can do about it is different, though. It's an interesting setting and promises lots of good action mixed with quite a bit of characterisation of the various God Eaters.

Makura no Danshi: Short episodes wherein a pretty boy invites you to talk about your day with him, and then to relax and get to sleep.
Not sure about the target audience for this, but it sure isn't us.

There's a few other series that I didn't bother to review, because they're continuations of series that we didn't watch to begin with. Still, it's 34 new series that I reviewed, of which 14 made the cut.
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