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Gangsta.: Two "handimen" work as contracted enforcers/hitmen in a crime-ridden city where even the police is corrupt. The three ruling crime families ask them to take care of a gang that has been growing recently. They take care of it in a very efficient manner, picking up a secretary in the process.
Supposed to be 'gritty', but I found the bleakness of the unending vice a bit wearisome. And who can survive being shot at at point-blank range by a carreer criminal? It's like Black Lagoon (which had it's share of nastiness) without the lighthearted humour and straight-laced protagonist -- which means it's not for us.

Wakaba Girl: A rich girl turns out to be too stupid to go to the usual rich girls' school, so she ends up at a normal high school. She quickly makes friends.
Rather inconsequential and a bit vapid. Short.

Wagnaria!!!: Also know as Working!!!. Third season about the crew of the Wagnaria family restaurant. The cast is still the same, and ther comedy is still the same. If you weren't tired of the second series at the end, then this will serve up more goodness.

Kuarayami Santa: A creepy boy called Santa gets sent to Showa-era Japan by the king of the underworld. We get footage from that era, and the animation is black & white and as jittery as animation from that period would be. It's kinda weird, and short.

Dragon Ball Super: A new Dragon Ball TV series, set after one of the movies. Most of the characters get re-introduced, and we see Goku work the land. Not much happens, but we do see the new Big Bad Guy being introduced -- again a planet gets destroyed at the flick of a finger...
Or something -- I haven't watched anything Dragon Ball ever since we started getting serious about watching anime. As such, this was amusing to watch for old times' sake, but it's not winning us back.

Rokka no Yuusha: Every so often, the Demon King awakens in the west, and six heroes get chosen to defeat him. Adlet calls himself the strongest fighter in the world and he is certain he will be chosen when the time comes. He defeats the two other candidates by crashing into their ritual fight. He is imprisoned, but when the Demon King does awaken, he is chosen. He gets busted out of jail by the princess (who is one of the heroes herself) and they set off!
Set in some Aztec-like setting (which also explains the calamity that befalls the world every so often), which is refreshing. Adlet is an amusing guy, the setting is interesting and the series promises good epic fantasy!
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