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I've been watching some streamer play Shadow of Mordor on Twitch. And some of them play the game all wrong! I mean, sure, I can understand not obsessively reading every entry in the background materials, but why would you not buy a new ability if you get the points for it? Why would you pass an artefact by if picking it up means that you could raise one of your stats sooner? Why would you not check out the new rune you just pillaged from the dead body of an Orc captain?
At least, that is what I do. And it irks me when another player doesn't do that. And I understand that I am the one who is annoyed, and that they play the game in the manner that they enjoy most -- so really there is no objective reason for me to be annoyed.

And yet still I am. Which makes me get a bit annoyed at myself, and then amused because apparently I care so much about this that I feel annoyed.
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