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Chaos Dragon: A fantasy island kingdom gets occupied by military forces who act like real assholes. The crown prince has decided not to pursue a rebellion, in hopes of ending the war -- but of course things don't work out that way. The red dragon, protector spirit of the kingdom, has gone insane and on a killing rampage, but in a vision it offers the crown prince the power to make his wishes come true. All it takes is a sacrifice...
Epic fantasy, which is (almost) always good. The occupation forces are rather caricatures though, so it's clear where our sympathies should lie... And if every wish needs a human life, then being a close friend of the crown prince is going to suck really bad!

Classroom Crisis: There are human domed cities on all of the planets in the solar system. One of them is run by a large corporation, which also operates a school. The students are all employees, and they build prototypes. Then a transfer student is taken hostage on a mining asteroid, and they stage a (costly!) rescue operation. It turns out that the transfer student is the son of the director, and he has been sent to the school to downsize the class!
Good near-future sci-fi, which is (almost) always good. The dynamic of a class doing serious research and prototyping is interesting, especially when the realities of being part of a company start playing a role.

GATE: A gate to a fantasy world opens up in Ginza, and an army comes pouring out! That really ruins Youji's day, because he was looking forward to attending a doujinshi event! His training as a soldier kicks in, though, and he manages to save many civilian lives, making him some sort of celebrity. When the Japanese government decides to send the army through the gate to see what's at the other side, Youji is among the first to go.
Interesting to see how a modern army and a fantasy one (including dragons!) will interact. I like Youji as a character: OK, so he is an otaku, but he has enough sense to simply do his job -- which just happens to be being a soldier.

Charlotte: Otosaka has a special ability: he can swap out his consciousness with others for five seconds. He uses this to cheat his way through school tests and exams (and to do some perverted stuff, of course). He gets into a really prestigious school, and even manages to score dates with the school idol! He's a real dick doing it, but then he gets found out by the student council president of a school for kids with special abilities. She forces him to transfer to their school, together with his sister.
Otosaka is a real dick at the start of the series, and you love to hate him. But when he gets found out, he turns out to be kind of a loser. And the powers that the kids have are all kinda flawed, which is amusing too.

Bikini Warriors: You know that one cartoon with the woman in a chainmail bikini with arrows stuck in it, but her uncovered midriff and legs completely unscathed, and she tells this guy: "Luckily, I was wearing my armour!" Yeah, it's like that. Luckily, it's only a few minutes long.

Gakkou Gurashi!: Yuki is part of the 'school life' club, which aims to live inside of the school and never go home. And then their dog gets loose, and there is a chase, and it is really ditzy. And then, it turns out that the four girls of the 'school life' club are the only survivors of a zombie apocalypse, and their classmates don't actually exist anymore.
Huge WTF moment at the end. We were ready to dismiss this series as being simply too ditzy, but then the last few minutes convinced us that maybe we should watch the second episode and see how it develops.

Danchigai: Five-minute stories about Haruki and his four sisters. It reminded me vaguely of Minami-ke, but it is too short to do any sort of character development and thus is doomed to some sort of mediocre slapstick.
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