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New season's anime

Oh look, the new TV season is upon us! And you know what that means: first episode reviews of everything that we can get our little grubby mitts on!

Aquarion Logos: This time, the secret base is beneath a maid cafe, and the main characters are a very shy girl and a boy who has decided he is going to be a saviour. Their enemies are kanji characters that have been 'infected' with a 'virus', and then run amok. But there are enemy mecha as well that protect the kanji -- but they have similar technology and hence can be merged with!
Did that make sense to you? We liked the first two Aquarion series well enough, but this didn't grab us at all.

Aoharu x Kikanjuu: Tachibana is the student council president and is the sworn enemy of evil-doers everywhere. And even though it doesn't look like it, Tachibana is actually a girl... When it seems like a friend of hers was swindled out of her money by a 'host' at a club (who also happens to be her neighbour...), she storms in and demands the money back. She is then challenged to a duel -- using air-soft guns! She loses, and is forced to join the host's team in tournaments.
We thought the two main characters were quite unlikable, the set-up was contrived, and Tachibana is kind of a shouty idiot. If you want to watch an anime about air-soft battles, then C3 is much better.

Akagami no Shirayuki-hima: The titular character is called Snow White, but she has red hair! She works as a herbalist in the city. One day, the prince of the country decides that he needs her as his concubine because of her red hair. Snow White cuts off her hair, leaves him the braid and escapes the country. She is found by Zen and his two helpers, and she helps him out with one of her remedies.
Zen is poisoned by an apple delivered by the prince's henchman, and Snow White travels back to get the antidote. Then it is revealed that Zen is the prince of the country she fled to! He offers her a place by his side...
The start pokes fun at the fairy tale of Snow White, but it diverges from there in a very nice way. The characters are interesting and rounded, and I really like how Snow White makes her own decisions. We liked it a lot.
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