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Finished series: Gundam Build Fighters Try

We've finished watching Gundam Build Fighters Try. It's the second Gundam Build Fighters series, set seven years after the first series.
Everything that made the first series great, is also present in this one. Though the goal is a bit more modest: it's the Under-19 championship, and not the world championship. But since it's been seven years, building and fighting techniques have advanced as well -- there is even a dedicated "Gunpla Academy", which has dominated the nationals for six years straight...

It's a bit more "shouty" though. And while there are plenty of female characters with lots of agency, I wasn't that sure about some of their wardrobe choices. And the final episode was a bit of a letdown, really.
But it's still way above the average shounen series -- when was the last time that a shounen series showed morning sickness as an aside?

If you liked the first series, you will like this one. I'm not sure we'd choose to watch a third series, if that would ever materialise, but we've certainly had fun with this one.
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