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Above our table, we had one of those 12 volt halogen cable systems. We converted it to LED lights, but then the transformer didn't have enough load, and over time it got to be a bit of a mess with the lights constantly flickering. Of course, that won't do -- and I also noted that there were no systems like that on the market anymore. Everything is 230V these days, with LED spots -- much more energy efficient.
So we wanted something new for our table. Not one of those rails (they're efficient and versatile, but not nice to look at), so we thought we'd go to Ikea and see what they had there -- purely as inspiration, mind you. We were thinking of a lamp that hangs over the table. We saw some things that perhaps would fit, but in the bathroom department, we saw a LED lamp that we both were instantly attracted to.

We came up with the idea to use some rough planks for the pallet that held the stones for our pond border and put three of those lights on the bottom. We thought we could use the system from the 12V cable system to suspend it from the ceiling. And that's what we did!

Close-up of one of the lights

The plank with the three lights turned on

We managed to put the lights right in the middle of the usual spot for the table too! And it gives a lot of light, which is good if you're working on a crafting project on the table!
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