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The Rolling Girls

Yesterday, we've finished The Rolling Girls. The setting is quite whimsical: there has been a civil war in Japan, and all the prefectures have turned into their own country. The peace is kept by vigilante squads, and the Twin Towers Declaration (referring to the two towers of the Tokyo Big Sight event space) regulates how the squads can interact. Squads have a 'best' -- a super-powered individual, and the rest are... 'rest', who assist with cleanup duty and mundane stuff like that.
The story follows Nozomi, who finds out that her older sister is actually Macha Green, the best of the squad she admires. But then her sister gets wounded, and Nozomi sets out to mediate in various conflicts, instead of her sister.

It reminded us strongly of Kyousogiga: the battles are really over-the-top, and the backgrounds are fantastic and colourful. And, like with Kyousogiga: there is an actual plot which is revealed gradually over the course of the series, with a satisfying finale.

I really liked it -- I kept being curious what whacky situations the girls would end up in next. Fast-paced and fun!
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