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Over at Facebook, I saw ads for Lootcrate, a subscription box with 'cool stuff'. A single box runs #30, and I found the concept intriguing. I mean, I try to simplify my life by not accumulating all sorts of 'stuff'. But this... Well, the theme was 'fantasy', and that's in my 'strike zone', so to say.
So as an experiment, I subscribed for the April box, and then cancelled my subscription so that I would only receive the one box.

So when the box finally came in, it was pretty exciting. The contents were kinda neat: I really like the D&D T-shirt, but the rest was kinda... meh. Sure, if you're a fan of all the things, then it's quite good. Though who would wear an inflatable crown that's too tight for even my small head? And the D&D bow tie? And even if you do an exclusive USB drive, which is of course quite cool, then why only 4GB? What is only 4GB these days?

So yeah, that was fun, but that's it for me. The excitement and pleasure of the 'unboxing' is fun and all, but it's just more 'stuff'.
(And now I get ads for Nerdblock, another subscription box aimed at... nerds. I'll skip that one too. And when I looked through that blog that I linked to, I found lots and lots and lots of other subscription boxes. I'm skipping those too. :) )

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