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More new anime

Kyoukai no Rinne: Sakura can see ghosts, but mostly ignores them. Rinne, of her classmates is almost always absent, but then she sees him wearing a weird mantle -- and no-one else can see him. It turns out that Rinne is a spirit hunter who forces ghosts to the afterlife -- but he is always strapped for cash, since the implements needed have to be bought...
Mildly interesting, but the gag of having to keep putting in 10 yen coins in the coin slot of a tin can telephone to the afterlife gets kinda old really fast. The character designs are all very early 90's as well, giving the whole thing a dated feel.

Ghost in the Shell Arise: Alternate Architecture: The GitS: Arise OVA re-cut into a TV series. I have no idea what is happening (not having seen GitS: Stand Alone Complex (yet)), but man does it look gorgeous! Lots of stuff happening that I can't interpret because I don't have the background, but I am going to catch up and watch this too!

Ore Monogatari!!: Takeo is a soft-hearted giant, but girls are always afraid of him. Every time he wants to confess to a girl, she confesses to his handsome friend -- who is a total jerk instead who turns them down without fail. Then one day, Takeo saves a girl named Yamato from a groper on the train, and things turn around for him...
It's not special in any way: the story is kinda sappy, the visuals are nothing special... but we loved it. Takeo is really a kind-hearted guy, but a loser in matters of love, and you just want this to go right for him. Because he deserves it.

Punch Line: Yuta dies, and returns as a ghost. His body is taken over by someone else, so he needs to find a magical book to break that spell. It's somewhere in his apartment building -- and his neighbours are all kinda weird... He gets superpowers from glimpsing women's panties, but if he gets too excited, a meteor will crash into Earth and destroy all life! Luckily, he can travel back in time for a do-over.
I'm not sure that description makes sense, but it's true. And the series is hilarious in its weirdness. I also really, really liked the writing, which allows us to experience the same things happening from multiple viewpoints. That's hard to pull off, but this series seems to succeed there! (And it's this season's Noitamina slot, which means it's an original story written for animation, not a manga adaptation. That often means that the script is much more daring than other series. And that works out quite well, most of the time.)

Shokugeki no Souma: Soma wants to succeed his father as the cook in their restaurant, and trains hard to do so. But the yakuza want their restaurant to build an apartment building on the grounds! One night, when his father is away, he is challenged by the yakuza, but his cooking saves the day! However, his father closes the restaurant none the less, and Soma is sent to a prestigious cooking school.
Have you ever had food so great that it was an orgastic experience to eat it? Because the people in this series have that all the time... Amusing stuff, if you don't mind the sexy poses. I wonder if the series can keep up the pace, or if it will become a one-trick pony.

Uta no Prince-sama - Maji Love Revolutions: Third season of Uta no Prince-sama. The cast has expanded to include even more dreamy boys who all pursue the absolutely colourless female lead. And when one group is chosen to sing the opening song for an Olympic Games-like tournament, the other groups revolt because they want their shot at world-wide fame too!
Five minutes in, and we were getting bored. We kept watching for the absolutely hilarious principal (Norio Wakamoto hamming it up to the max), but unless you're a total fangirl of the series, then give this a miss.

Triage X: A surgeon has taken it upon himself to operate on society! Criminals who are deemed malicious cancers to society are 'removed' by a team of specialists -- which of course consists of a broody young man and countless busty women in skin-tight outfits.
If you like violence and boobtastic character designs, then this is for you. There's not much else to it.

Show by Rock!!: Shian would love to play in a band, but she is too shy to join the music club at school. Then she is sucked into a music game on her mobile, and she is turned into a catgirl with a heart-shaped guitar. She has the power to defeat the empty souls with her music! And to top things off, she is then signed by a record company! (A poor record company with only one band in its portfolio, but still...)
Odd mix of cell animation and CGI stuff, simplistic designs and a story aimed to get young kids addicted to some mobile game, undoubtedly to get them to tap on those in-app purchase button... We'll give it a miss.

Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo: Ryu Yamada is the toughest student in school, but he has no friends... What a contrast with Urara Shiraishi: she is the honour student of the school! And then one day they switch bodies, and Ryu finds out that she has her own problems. His personality gets the better of him, and he 'fixes' her problem...
Fun stuff, and it shows in a nice way that everybody has their own fight that others might not know about... The pairing of the delinquent and the honour student is a nice one too: I really like how Urara is rather matter-of-factly about the whole thing, while Ryu tends to freak out.

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku: Eruna selects her high school based on the cuteness of the girls' uniforms. She dreams of staying in the dorms and romantic encounters with cute girls there, but reality is different. Your standing is based on the standing of the club you join, and its ranking in the frequent battles between the clubs. And since she is not a member of a club, she gets a sleeping bag in the hallway!
Really odd series. Eruna is not likable, and the weird rules seem to be a simple set-up for bizarre battles. (Because how would the gardening club fight the baseball club?)

Nisekoi:: The second season of Nisekoi. It picks up right where the first season left off. And while the first episode was fun enough, we decided we just couldn't be bothered because it seemed to become quite drawn out with the same jokes rehashed over and over. (The backgrounds are gorgeous, though...)

And that concludes the reviews for this season!
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