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Etotama: There are twelve personifications of the Chinese Zodiac -- and a catgirl who aspires to become one. (There's this story about the cat being cheated out of a place in the heavens by the rat -- which is why cats still hunt mice and rats, obviously.) She lives in the damp spot below a tatami mat in the house that some bland guy rented, and she needs to keep him happy to get some sort of energy from him, which she uses during CGI fights in CGI arenas.
I'm not sure what the point of this series is. Yes, the designs are kinda cute, but the puns are bland and there is frequent breakage of the fourth wall ("I'm level three!"). Add the squeaky voices, and we're out.

Hibike! Euphonium: A girl who was in the band club at her middle school finds out that the band in her new high school is pretty bad. She is kind-of thinking of joining, but then she finds out that a high-strung girl from her middle school goes to the same high school -- and she is going to join the band club... But her new friends are going to join the band too...
The new series by Kyoto Animation, and it shows in the character designs and the quality of the animation. The plot seems to be pretty standard, but that's not a barrier to enjoying this series.

Houkagou no Pleiades: A clumsy schoolgirl who loves astronomy seems to have developed a knack for ending up somewhere other than school when she walks through a classroom door... She meets a group of girls who chase star-fragments on motorised brooms in order to catch them, and becomes one of them.
Originally, this was an OVA sponsored by Subaru-the-carmaker. ('Subaru' is the Japanese name for the Pleiades, which is also the emblem of the carmaker.) And now it's spun out into a TV series. And it left us feeling rather indifferent, because we're not sure why we should care about anything that happens during the episode.

Kekkai Sensen: One day, a portal to different worlds opened up in New York. Now all sorts of creatures walk around there, and the various interactions with them causes all sorts of large-scale destruction... Amidst this all, a group of humans tries to defend the human's interests using some sort of blood magic. A Japanese boy, who had been living in the city only days before the portal opened, gets sucked into their struggle.
Absolutely wild action series with a high weirdness quotient. It's a rollercoaster ride that just keeps going and going and going. Just when you think you'll be coasting for a bit, it accelerates again! Lovely animation. For some reason, it reminded me of Eden of the East -- that also starts of completely bonkers.
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