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My first RPG and my first PbF

One of the things that I really like about RPGGeek are the PbF's: Play by Forum games. In RPGs, players take turns to describe what they want their character to do, and so it's pretty well suited to be played through an online forum. Sure, it'll slow -- much slower than if everybody sits around a table. But it allows you to play with people outside of your circle, and you could try stuff that you would otherwise not get to play.
I have been playing PbF's at RPGGeek since August, and they have all been really great (so far). So I thought I would like to run a PbF too. I chose The One Ring, because that's the system that most of my attention has been turned towards these days. As for the scenario, I thought it would be fun to re-write an existing Middle-Earth RolePlaying module to The One Ring -- MERP was more of a clone of D&D, with lots of monsters and magic and magical artefacts, making it a really poor adaptation of the source material. And that shows in the modules: they're set in Middle-Earth, the names are proper Sindarin, but what happens in the adventures is (often) more geared towards the D&D 'accumulate loot'-mindset than in line with the themes of the works of professor Tolkien.
The One Ring, on the other hand, has embraced those themes and made them an integral part of the rules and the background for the characters. The adventures in the published scenario anthologies all emphasise the feeling of lost glory and the desperate struggle against a rising tide of darkness -- good stuff.

The first roleplaying session I played, we set out to have an Adventure at Minas Anghen, the first scenario in Haunted Ruins of the Dunlendings. Bandits in abandoned tower, ghosts and some really neat magic tricks -- everything a good adventure should have! But the scenario-as-written is set only a few years after the Great Plague of the 1600s in the Third Era, whereas the setting of The One Ring is set towards the end of the Third Era, somewhere in the 1900s... And the location of the scenario is the Dunlendings, at the west-side of the southern Misty Mountains, whereas the locations for The One Ring are set in Wilderland -- basically everything east of the Misty Mountains and north of Lorien.
So I did a bit of rewriting, turning it into "The Secret of Minas Anghen". I'll see where it (and the players!) takes me. Recruiting six players only took 12 hours to fill all the 'seats', and I have posted the IC ('In Character', basically the game proper) thread today.

If you want to follow along, you can find the OOC ('Out of Character') thread here, the list of characters here and the IC thread here.

If you want to follow along and have an account on RPGGeek, you can Subscribe to the threads, so that the updates will appear in the stream of your subscribed threads. And if you have an account on BoardGameGeek (the RPGGeek sister site devoted to boardgames), you can reach those threads from that site too, and subscribe from there.
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