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Last New Anime

Unlimited Fafnir: Beings called 'Dragons' came into existence, destroying vast stretches of land. Luckily, some children born after the dragons appeared, displayed magical abilities which allowed them to fight the menace. Of course, all of those children are girls, and of course there is one single boy who has these abilities too. And of course there is a school for the training of the magically gifted, and we get to see how this lone boy will fit in with all of the girls...
It's a plot we have seen done to death, but apparently it was resurrected for this season again. There seems to be some connection between the magical abilities and the Dragons (an influence from Madoka?), but it's not enough to get it a recommendation.

Koufuku Graffiti: High school student Ryo lives on her own. She learned cooking from her grandmother, but is not satisfied with the taste -- until her niece Kirin stays with her and comments on her delicious cooking. Meals taste better when you share them with others!
So, it's a bishoujo series about cooking. Brilliant stuff! It also helps that I find (most) Japanese home-style cooking incredibly tasty...

Yoru no Yatterman: Across the water is the Yatterman Kingdom, but Leopard's mother and her helpers can't enter because they are descendants of the bad guys that the Yattermen defeated. But when her mother falls ill and they get chased away when they seek help for the Yattermen, it is clear to Leopard that there is no justice in the Yatterman Kingdom. So she takes up the mantle of her forefathers to set things right!
This first episode was designed to elicit an emotional response, and to make us root for the underdogs. We just couldn't care...

There's also some second seasons of series we didn't watch, like Tokyo Ghoul Root A, but you'll have to check those out yourself if you're interested. ;)
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