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Shinmai Maou no Testament: Toujou gets two stepsisters: Mio and Maria. When his father goes away on a business trip, it is revealed that these two are actually demons, and Mio is the daughter of the recently deceased demon lord, Wilbert. She is targetted by various demon lords who seek to usurp her position. Toujou turns out to be a member of the hero clan, enemies of the demons. But given Mio's precarious position, he decides to help her, because that's what heroes do.
Despite the potentially interesting premise, this turned out to be a rather un-inspired battle series. It certainly doesn't 'sparkle'.

Fafner EXODUS: The inhabitants of Tamiya Island enjoy the peace their stealth capabilities bring them. But outside, the war with the Festum has been raging on, and humanity seems to be losing. One child senses the 'core' of Tamiya, and a courageous general decides to see if they can find this island that no-one knows about. But en-route, they are attacked, and the pilots from Tamiya have to save them -- dragging the island back into the war.
A continuation of Soukyuu no Fafner, which I reviewed nine years ago, here. Has it really been that long ago? I gave that series a 9, and judging from the first episode, I see no reason why this one wouldn't reach those heights either.

The IDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls: A rather uncharismatic producer recruits girls for his newly-formed idol group. However, because of his scary face, he has trouble convincing other girls to join, so his only employee does nothing but practice...
Actually the second anime inspired by the Idolmaster series of arcade games, but the first one to deal with the actual subject matter of the game. (The first was a mecha series...) It seems to be a refreshing look at the genre.

Rolling Girls: After a war, Japan has split into many different small nations. These nations are policed by vigilante girls with suits that give them super powers. Their supporters do stuff like clean up parks etcetera -- it seems like a teenager thing to do, because the adults don't seem to care. But of course, the kids get into trouble on their own just fine!
It's a kinda bizarre premise, and the plots are kinda weird. It takes getting used to -- the first episode is not exactly heavy on exposition, which means it's not immediately clear what is going on. But it's a lot of fun, and it looks really good too.
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