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Maybe I even get to finish all the reviews before the new season begins. Maybe.

Kantai Collection: The seas are taken over by strange, hostile vessels. Only the moe personification of various types of naval ships can fight them! They 'skate' on the water and shoot airplanes from their bow (if they're aircraft carriers) or otherwise fire guns. And when they're not fighting, they spend their time at a boarding school...
...yeah. Why not pander shamelessly to the military and moe nerds, kill two birds with one stone? If you know naval designations from the top of your head, then you should really check this out. Otherwise, steer clear!

Maria the Virgin Witch: Set in France, during the 100 year war. Maria the titular witch lives in the forest, trying to help the common folk while trying to keep her distance from them. (One of her familiars is a succubus, which seems an odd combination at first -- but of course it's good for a few laughs.) She has little love for the church, who allows the war to rage on, with most of the common folk being the victims -- so she tries to interfere with the battles.
I know next to nothing about the French-English wars -- except what I read when we visited Orleans a few times. The setting seems relatively well-researched and true to history, only with the addition of magic. I didn't care much for the innuendo, but I did like the promise of a good story.

Military!: Suppose your father gets sent abroad for his work, and it turns out there's a war there, and it turns out he is hired as a mercenary and becomes one side's top soldier. Then the assassins of the other side will be looking for you, as leverage. And so it might happen that a couple of soldiers from your father's side drive their tank through your front door in order to protects you!
Zany five-minute episode that did not even elicit a chuckle from us.

Saenai Heroine no Sodate-kata: Tomoyo is a nerd, and somehow he picks up four girls to form a doujinshi game circle. Three of them have the hots for him (but why?), and they constantly fight over him. The fourth seems like a genuinely nice girl, who tends to save him when things get out of hand.
We've seen the 'zeroth' episode, which seems to drop in somewhere mid-story. The dialogue that is breaking the fourth wall is brilliant: Tomoyo would propose a way to introduce the characters in the game, and then something happens and he introduces the characters of the anime in the way he proposed. It seems like a bit of a cliché storyline, but the execution should be quite amusing.

Seiken Tsukai no World Break: Children can inherit the special powers from their ancestors, calling upon them during battle to materialise weapons and the like. There's a special school for the most powerful to train. The main attraction is an arena where everyone wears skin-tight suits and can go all-out against each other. Of course, there's bullies there who use their power to take on others, but of course our main hero won't stand for it!
A cross between battles, school and supernatural stuff, with ridiculous amounts of fanservice folded in. It didn't appeal to us.

Sengoku Musou: Hideoshi is slowly uniting all of Japan under his rule. Only in the Kanto region there is some resistance, but his generals (Yukimura in front) manage to strike down the last bits of resistance against Hideoshi's rule.
The generals can pull off feats of super strength, which gives it a real over-the-top feel. However, the series is dead serious and lacks the tongue-in-cheek irony of Sengoku Basara, giving it a stilted and (oddly) unrealistic atmosphere. Not my style.

More later, promise!
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