Hein (fub) wrote,

I have a little keyboard, short and stout...

I have a 7" tablet, an ASUS MeMo pad. It's nice and light, and I can hold it in one hand -- ideal for reading and browsing. But like all tablets, while it's ideal for the consumption of content, it's not ideal for the creationof content. Text input is not easy with an on-screen keyboard -- sure, it can be done and is good enough for a quick e-mail or the 140 characters of a tweet, but when you're doing long-form things, it's a pain.
So when we go on vacation, I also take a mini-laptop with me. It has a larger keyboard, but there are some key drawbacks like the slow start-up time and the anemic processor. It also needs some 'infrastructure': AC adapter, mouse, network cable...
I thought it would be nice to have a keyboard for the tablet, so that I can combine the portability and the superior content-consumption abilities of the tablet with the ability to type out long-form texts. (Those of you who are on the mailing list for my daily vacation reports, know what I mean.)
There are no branded keyboard covers for my tablet like there are for the various iPads or the Samsung tablets. There are some 'generic' keyboard covers, but those target both 7" and 8" tablets, and that's not what I was going for. Searching through the Tweakers.net Pricewatch, I found the Logitech k480 bluetooth keyboard. It works on every bluetooth-enabled device, such as tablets and phones -- both Android and iDevices. And it has a slot at the top of the keyboard that you can stand your tablet in, so you have a sort of "mini-laptop".

I've experimented with the keyboard (I'm typing this on the keyboard through the LiveJournal app), and I like it a lot. Next time we're on vacation, we'll leave the laptop home and take the keyboard with us. It's not much smaller and lighter, but it's easier to handle.


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