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More old anime

Assassination Classroom: There's this yellow octopus-like creature who is indestructable -- he simply dodges everything. He demonstrates his power by blowing up the largest part of the moon. And then he starts teaching the class of misfits of a highschool. Their mission: kill him before the school year is over -- otherwise he will destroy the world!
It is as bizarre as it sounds. And far-fetched. But apart from the weird violent angle, it also has quite a bit of character: the teacher seems to genuinely care about the students -- students that no other teacher cares for, who were placed in the derelict old building. This weird contrast makes it attractive.

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!: A space wombat lands on earth, and he seeks people to help him defend the earth from the darkness in other people's hearts by applying lots of love! He gives five boys a bracelet, and when monsters appear, they change into Magical Boys (with ridiculously 'cute' clothing) who use their 'cute' weapons in the most violent way possible to defeat the monster!
It is a parody of every Magical Girl series ever. And it is glorious.

Death Parade: There's this special purgatory that's styled as a bar, where people who die at the same time end up. The bartender challenges them to a 'death game' -- the ante is the true nature of the player. Through this revelation, one of the dead will be reincarnated, and the other will go to hell.
The first episode was not fun at all (who enjoys watching a pair of dead newlyweds arguing over the wife's supposed infidelity? Not me), but the epilogue seemed to indicate that something more is going on.

Durarara!!x2 Shou: Straight sequel of Durarara!, which we enjoyed immensely. The old cast is back, and up to their usual antics. The first episode is mostly re-introducing the cast, but it has the same 'feel' to it as the first series.

Kami-sama Hajimemashita 2: Second series of the story of a teenaged girl who becomes the land god of her city, assisted by a handsome fox spirit. The start of the first series was fun, but now it feels drawn-out and more of the same...

More later.
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