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Oh look, I haven't written even a single review for the anime that's started two months ago! Time to remedy that.

Yuri Kuma Arashi: All the bears on Earth gained intelligence and started eating people. Now there's a big wall between the bears and the humans, but it seems some of them found a way to disguise themselves as humans. Young school girls are eaten during their trysts!
The visual style strongly reminded me of Revolutionary Girl Utena, which is not bad at all. The premise is, of course, completely ridiculous, but that's not much difference from Utena either. Snappy dialogue rounds out the episode. We'll be watching this.

Absolute Duo: Some kids have the ability to form a weapon from their soul energy. Tor enters the school as a new student, and during the opening ceremony he gets his first surprise: everybody has to use their weapons to attack the person sitting next to them in order to secure their place at the school -- losers are rejected. Tor's soul produces a shield instead of a weapon, and by playing up his defense he wins. The school offers full board, and he gets paired with a girl -- now they have to live together.
I had to look twice, because I was quite sure I had seen this before. But it is indeed a new series -- one that rehashes several plots of earlier series...

ISUCA: Shinichiro meets Sakuya, a bow-wielding fellow student. She hunts supernatural creatures, and he seems to have an immunity against the barriers she puts up. He sort-of supports her when she hunts a monster that stalks the school grounds. Its attacks have a tendency to tear school uniforms to shreds...
Supernatural battles with lots of nudity. (And if undies are so indestructible as they seem in this first episode, why don't they make all clothes out of that fabric?) Sakuya is also quite bratty, which also doesn't help in our enjoyment of a series.

Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Yuki is a member of her high school's "Hero Club", which does all sorts of volunteering. Until one day, their reality is attacked by beings from another reality, and it befalls on their club to defend the 'Holy Tree' from the invaders. Only the sempai knows what's up and knows how to fight, the rest has to struggle to keep up.
It all starts out innocently enough, but I got a really strong Madoka-vibe from this -- which is not necessarily bad, because that's one of the most interesting series of the last few years. The visuals are interesting too, and I'm sure there'll be some kind of Big Reveal later on, which interests me.

More later!
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