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Chain of Generosity

I hang out a lot over at RPGGeek.com -- it's the RPG-focussed little brother of BoardGameGeek. One of the things that impresses me most is the community. People on the forums are, generally, quite friendly and welcoming, willing to interpret each others' words in the most positive way. It's really something to experience with such a big group of people.

One of the things going on on the site is the 'Chain of Generosity'. There's two of them: one for the US and one for Europe, for reasons of postage. It works as follows:
- Someone offers something from their collection. Perhaps something they don't need or play anymore.
- Others can express their interest in the offer.
- After a set period, a 'winner' is chosen (using the RPGGeek dice roller, of course).
- The person offering sends the item to the winner -- without any cost to the winner!
- The winner then becomes the next 'link' in the chain, by posting up an offer themselves.

It's fun, and sometimes there's something in there that's really interesting. I've gotten a nice hardcover with short side-quests from a Frenchman earlier, and sent the full Fireborn set in hardcover to Germany. I had gotten those books as part of a lot in the auction of RPG books from rupertdaily's estate. It was fun to send those books off to a place where they might get used.

A few weeks ago, an offer came by that I was interested in: the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Beta rules. Those came out at Gencon, a year before the final version came out. It's kinda light in art, and it might not have the exact same rules as the final game (it's a beta, after all), but for something I was interested in and for free? Hell yeah, I got in on that and yesterday the book came in the mail!

In return, I reprised my set of offers from the previous time. I also added some Rolemaster rulebooks and a classic module that I had in surplus. However, after one week, I didn't have any takers! That's a bit of a problem, of course, but it's to be expected: the pool of participants is not very large, and most of the 'movable' inventory has found a new home already.
This put me in a bit of a bind (that some of the current 'links' of the other chains are already in): what if nobody wants what you are offering? Surely you do not want to be the one that makes the chain break! And so I decided to throw in another offer: I would print and bind a RPG-related PDF for the winner. Lots of people buy their roleplaying books in PDF format: lots of stuff can be found over at DriveThruRPG, and it's a cheap way to expand your collection. I've once bound a roleplaying game into a hardcover, and it's a fun thing to do.

Within a few days, I had eight people who wanted in. Apparently, there's a market for this... And the cool thing is that I can repeat the offer again and again, because it's not something that dissapears from my collection!
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