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Projection maps

This setup with projecting an RPG map on top of a table is quite cool.

I like playing with maps, even though I dislike the tactical combat that D&D3 and Pathfinder have. I like gradually showing the map to my players when they explore more of the dungeon, or putting a marker on the map to show where something interesting is to be found.
At least, I do when I play face-to-face. Sitting around a table looking at the same map really gives focus to the game, and I like that. When playing online through Google Hangouts, I do not use maps -- while I have a Roll20 account, I don't use it because looking at the map in that context means that the players are not looking at me or each other.

Projecting the map is cool and all, but it's expensive. (Just for a laugh, do a price-check on projectors that have a HD resolution...) And cutting up the map in sections and gluing those together is kinda fun -- and works just as well.
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