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Geek of the Week

I spend a lot of my online time on RPGGeek. Apart from a lot of quality information in their database (where you can find the answer to questions like "how many supplements were made for FASA's 1985 Doctor Who roleplaying game?"), there is a very welcoming and knowledgable community. I also play in a few Play by Forum games there.

They also have a 'Geek of the Week'. One user gets the spotlight for a whole week, which often means that people ask them lots of questions about their roleplaying habits and personal life. When the week is over, on Sunday, the exiting GotW introduces the new one.
And from today until Sunday, I am RPGGeek's Geek of the Week. I was honoured to be asked, and so far I'm having a lot of fun answering all of the (semi-)random questions!
Tags: internet oddities, rpg

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