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Dec. 29th, 2014 @ 06:05 pm If you're fond of sand-dunes and salty air...
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We got up reasonably early (by holiday standards) and left for Den Haag, to visit the municipal museum there. Specifically, we wanted to see the unique exhibition on Rothko. His paintings made a big impression on us when we saw them at the Tate Modern, so we wanted to see and know more.
Because of the holidays, they were even opened on this Monday -- usually it's closed on Mondays.

Luckily, the ice had subsided and the roads were clear of ice and snow, so we made good time. Within the estimated 90 minutes, we were at the front of the museum. And there we saw the long, long line just to get in -- from the entrance all the way to the curb!

Look, I do want to see the exhibition. But I do not want to stand in line just to get in, and then crowd-surf to the stuff we want to see. That's just not going to happen.
So we drove past the museum and decided to go to the beach -- Den Haag is a coastal city anyway. We parked the car at Scheveningen, and then stepped onto the boulevard. Even though it wasn't freezing anymore by then, the wind was quite cold...
We saw the preparations for the traditional New Year's Dive, but we also saw a giant stack of pallets being built -- undoubtedly to be burned on New Year's Eve. It was really something: it must have been 10 meters high by the time we saw it, and it was almost as wide as that. There was enough space on top for eight people(!) to pick the pallets off the crane(!) and stack them...

And then we went back home. We'll go see Rothko some other time.
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