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Still gotta write up some reviews of new anime!

Trinity Seven: This one guy finds out that he accidentally created a new world, using a grimoire his childhood friend gave him. She has dissapeared, but she is alive somewhere, so when he is confronted by a magician, he joins their school. Apparently he has the potential to become very powerful very quickly, but the way to do that is to defeat the Trinity Seven, the seven most powerful magicians in the school. And wouldn't you know, they're all female!
So yes, it's a harem anime, and it's not a particularly good one. We see a parade of the usual stuff, and it never rises above mediocre.

Nanatsu no Taizai: The Holy Knights have protected the kingdom for years. The only ones to be able to stop them were the Seven Deadly Sins: seven super-powerful fighters, who have since dissapeared. Now that the Holy Knights have seized power, the third princess seeks out these wanted criminals, because they are the only ones who can stand up against the Holy Knights and free her family!
It starts off quite laid-back, but when the Holy Knights start making their move, the power levels escalate pretty quickly. It's fun to watch though, and it has this really old-school fantasy feel about it. The designs are old-school as well, but the animation is up to modern standards. It combines the best of the old with the best of the new, and I quite liked it.

Gundam Build Fighters Try: Second series in the Gundam Build Fighters saga. Set seven years after the first series, the focus is on the Gunpla Battle Club at the school where Sei and Reiji won the Wold Cup. It is down to one member, and is in danger of being closed down. But then a transfer student comes along who gets shanghai'ed into playing a battle. He is a student of martial arts, and uses that in his fighting style...
We immensely enjoyed the first series, and the second has all the hallmarks of being equally good. I am looking forward to this team winning the World Cup this time around (which surely will happen). Even in the first episode there is already a colourful cast assembled with lots of emotional ties, which will be fun.
I am still a bit curious what happened with the revelation that the Plavsky particles were in fact from another world -- no mention is made of that, but surely in seven years something must have leaked since then? Maybe that's for a later episode...

Hi-sCool! SeHa Girls: Three girls, who are antropomorphised versions of three Sega game consoles, who have to go through 'classes' consisting of playing videogames.
Boring and stupid. Sure, it's cute to see the Golden Axe character selection screen appear to illustrate a point in casual conversation, but if you're not an old-old-school gaming nerd, then there is nothing of interest here.

Parasyte -the maxim-: Shinichi has a fear for bugs, so when he sees a 'snake' come for him at night, burrowing into his right palm, he binds off his arm to prevent it from going further. Good thing he did that: the parasite did eat his right hand, but could not reach his brain... There are other parasites who did manage to eat their hosts' brains, and they are not necessarily friendly to others. Shinichi and his parasite have to work together to survive...
The parasites are bloodthirsty and grotesk, quite exaggerated. If you're into that sort of thing, you might want to check it out. We'll be giving this one a pass.

Daitoshoukan no Hitsujikai: Kakei would rather read books. He attends a really large school, with 600 students per class. He gets text messages from 'The Shepherd', which foreshadow certain events. He acts on one of those to save a girl from a derailed train, but of course they fall and he lands on top of her... This gets him into all sorts of trouble, but in the end it's sorted out. The girl and her friends decide to band together to make their high school life fun, and convene in the room of the Library Club, of which Kakei is the sole member.
We've seen this done before too, but there is also talk about a magic book, and the Shepherd seems to be preparing Kakei for some sort of destined future... That new element makes it novel, and I don't dislike this type of series.

Danna ga Nani o Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken: This translates to "I don't understand what my husband is saying". Which is what happens if an ordinary Office Lady marries a hard-core otaku: she doesn't understand much of what he is doing/saying. Still, she loves him, and he does his best for her.
3 minute episode, which is about the amount of time that this keeps being funny. Though it must be said that neither of the two characters are portrayed as caricatures, so that's something. And I liked the fact that the (short) ending theme starts with the line "Please get your shit together" -- it doesn't pull punches either!

Shirobako: The girls of the Animation Club manage to create an animated episode for their school festival. After graduation, one of them starts working in Tokyo, for an animation company about to air the first episode of a series where they are the main animation studio. Of course, there are always some last-minute emergencies...
I really liked watching this. The characters have lots of personality, and it gives a great look into how the animation industry works -- like Bakuman did, but here everyone is an adult, doing adult things.
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