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Kaito Joker: Kaito Joker is a masked thief, dressed as a magician. He steals treasures, and eludes the police with his 'miracles' (and his bubble gum). When he goes to steal a treasure from an annoying rich man, he meets the young ninja Hachi: the treasure was stolen from his native village, and he needs to get it back. Together, they elude the traps and the police, and get away with their prize.
Apparently, the theme of this season is 'magician thieves', together with Magic Kaito 1412... But this one is made for a much younger audience. The antics of Kaito Joker are amusing, and he makes excellent use of misdirection and disguises to make his getaway. If I were thirty-five years younger, I'd enjoy this enormously...

Orenchi no Furo Jijou: Tatsumi finds a wounded merman lying on the beach. He carries him home and lets him stay in his batchtub -- but the merman is a complete egoist, and has no problems imposing on Tatsumi's hospitality...
Four-minute long episode, so there's no real room for plot or character-development. And yet the stage is set for future gags. It's outside of our strike zone, though.

Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de: The sole male member of the Literature Club has a serious case of chuunibyou. Everyone simply ignores his rants, until one day it turns out that they actually did awaken to Mysterious Powers! Nothing really happens afterwards: no super villains turn up, no battle for the the fate of the universe -- just ordinary everyday life. But the Literature Club are not the only ones who have gotten these superpowers...
OK, so it's one of those series with an all-female club and one male member... But it's pretty fun: what would you do with mysterious superpowers if your daily life stays just the same?

Donten ni Warau: At the beginning of the Meiji era, Japan was transforming into a modern nation. Carrying swords was forbidden, and samurai had lost all their privileges. Of course, not everybody was happy with that -- but when caught, they got sent to a prison in the middle of lake Biwa. The three brothers who magae the Kumo shrine help the police with rounding up escaped criminals, and ferried them to the prison.
I'm not sure what to make of this. The elder brother is invincible and dotes on his younger brothers, the middle brother wants to be strong but isn't (yet), the youngest brother takes things too literally. And if you have to re-use the same plot-point (a criminal who evades the police) within the first episode, then I'm not sure there's enough plot to keep things interesting for a whole series.

Amagi Brillian Park: Seiya is forced (at gunpoint!) to take a girl on a date to Amagi Brilliant Park, a derelict theme park. The theme is that of a magical kingdom, with rides and attractions centered around the magical fairies -- but it's all very unpolished and dissapointing. Then Seiya is taken to see the manager of the park: a princess from the magical kingdom. She explains that the park needs more visitors, because as refugrees from the magical kingdom, they don't have any other place to go! She gives Seiya mind-reading powers and asks him to become the manager of the park.
I'm sure you've seen those photos from abandoned theme parks -- they turn up in the flow of the internet once in a while. It's not quite that bad yet, but the rides are dangerous, the games are dissapointing and the park is shabby. But the 'cast members' are actual fairies, and if the park closes down, they'll be homeless! A really interesting premise, and it's (probably) going to be a lot of fun.

Akatsuki no Yona: Yona is the daughter and only child of the king of Kouka, a small kingdom in an unspecified Asian location. She is very much in love with her cousin Soo Won, but her father forbids her to marry him -- whomever will marry the princess will be the next king! And then on her sixteenth birthday, Yona witnesses Soo Won murdering her father! She is saved by Hak, one of the guards...
If you like the combination of courtly intrigue, costume drama and romance novels, then this is right in your sweet spot. Personally, I got flashbacks to Fushigi Yuugi, and we decided to leave this one be.
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