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Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis: It starts off with some epic End Battle, so I kind of expected some grand fantasy setting. Instead of that, we get a rollercoaster introduction, and the action hardly ever lets up. It's like a Tex-Mex Wild West setting, with bad guys who can summon monsters, and the bounty hunters who kill them for money. And a mysterious lady who absolutely has to get to the frozen north...
Looks gorgeous, super lively animated, a well-rounded world, characters with lots of personality and an epic plot. Really impressed with this one, and this first episode left us wondering how things would develop. So far, the hit of the season for us.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san: In Japan, an Ouija board is called "Kokuri-san", because by using it, you summon a fox spirit called Kokuri. If you use such a board all alone, you invite the spirit to haunt you! Kohina, a lonely girl with a hard-core cup noodle diet, summons Kokkuri-san. He decides to haunt her (he, like her, is very lonely -- but it doesn't seem to bother Kohina) and do something about her diet.
It's fun enough, but never ha-ha funny. All the jokes between Kohina and Kokkuri are done in the first episode, so I guess in the second episode the writers need to introduce new characters to keep things moving. It just didn't work that well.

Tribe Cool Crew: Haneru is into dancing (and parkour). He practices his dance moves in a secret spot, where he can check his reflection in the windows. Unknown to him, Kanon uses that room to practice her dancing too -- she uploads her dancing videos under the pseudonym 'Rythm' (and she wears a small mask, so no-one ever recognises her). Haneru thinks it would be really nice to dance together!
This airs on Sunday morning at 07:00 AM -- so you know the target audience is quite young. It's not to our tastes, but the CGI dance sequences are pretty smooth. I wonder how many scraped knees this is going to give when they try to parkour their way to school like Haneru...

Garo: Hono no Kokuin: In a fantasy kingdom, a campaign is started to eradicate witches. But unknown to the general population, witches are the ones to keep demons in check -- demons who can take the form of the people they kill. Hypothetically, they could even take the guise of the king's chief advisor... One woman gives birth as she is about to be executed, and this baby is taken away. Seventeen years later, he is Garo, who packs quite a punch in his golden armour...
The plot reminds me a bit of Claymore, but Garo is set more in cities and villages and castles. It's an interesting series with some great over-the-top fighting scenes.
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