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World Trigger: One day, a gate to another dimension opens, and the 'neighbours' come through -- monsters that can withstand all human weaponry. But then a group of super-strong people appear, who use their 'Trigger' power to defeat the monsters. They form 'Border', and whenever the Neigbours come over, they defeat them. Osamu, a teenager, is with Border as well, but he is pretty weak. And then one day he gets a new classmate, who comes from... elsewhere.
Hm. It's nothing we haven't seen elsewhere, and the character designs are quite dire to look at. And it's quite shouty.

Magic Kaito 1412: Kaito is the son of a magician, and a magician himself. Unfortunately, he uses his tricks mostly to find out what colour panties his neighbour and childhood friend Aoko is wearing... And then he finds out that his father had a secret identity: that of Kaito Kid, the phantom thief! Using the guise of Kaito Kid, Kaito wants to find out who killed his father seven years ago...
Kaito is super-annoying and can get away with anything with his tricks. And of course there's an obsessed police inspector involved as well (Aoko's father)... It's like a seriously watered-down version of Lupin, if Lupin was an annoying teenager.

Cross Ange: Those who can't use the magic of Mana are called 'Norma', and they are not considered human. What a shock it is to Angelese when it is discovered that she is a Norma herself! Stripped of her human rights, she is shipped off to a facility where she will be trained as a soldier. A soldier piloting mecha to defeat dragons that invade from another dimension!
OK, mecha versus dragons? I like that. But there's also a lot that gives me pause. There's the large amount of fanservice, but there's also the gratituous violence against the main character -- I find that stuff uncomfortable. Women-as-victim is not what I'm looking for in my entertainment.

Sora no Method: After being away for seven years, Nonoka returns to the town where she lived with her parents -- but her mother died in the meantime. (And there's also some sort of giant flying saucer hanging in the sky, but everyone seems to politely ignore it.) She meets up with a mysterious friend from back then, and a misunderstanding needs to be cleared up. And we also see glimpses of her friends from seven years ago too.
It has that small-town feel of Tamayura that we like a lot, but it also has a mysterious/supernatural element to it, which gives an interesting combination. I'm really curious to see how that mix works out.
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