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New anime!

October 1st has come and gone, which means the new TV season is upon us. And you know what that means: reviews!

Terra Formars: A martian virus is slowly killing off the human population of Earth. In order to find the cure, an expedition is sent to Mars in order to acquire samples and do lab-work. This is complicated by the fact that the cockroaches who had been set loose on Mars in an early terraforming experiment have evolved into man-sized beasts -- and they killed everyone in the earlier mission...
Dark environments are supposed to give this an 'edgy' feel, and blood splatters liberally. Muscular men and demure women risking life and limb to find a cure -- and at the end of the episode, we even get some sort of counter of how many people are left in the mission. It's like a grey-scale, SF version of Attack on Titan, except all the characters seem to be two-dimensional. This one didn't make the cut.

Log Horizon 2: More Log Horizon! We get some fluff (a post-Halloween festival), but we also see Shiro starting to plot something to get his hands on the vast amounts of money that must be in the background of the world. Because where else would the monsters get their money when the respawn?
We loved the first series, and the second series promises to be just as much fun.

Karen Senki: Web-only CGI series. Karen is some sort of super-soldier in the resistance against the machines, who have won the war against the humans. Also, lots of pantyshots and shower scenes!
Full CGI, which means that the characters move weirdly. And I get that you can go real cool bullet-time scenes when everything is CGI, but after the second one in a 10-minute episode, it starts to get boring. We just couldn't care about what happened.

Madan no Ou to Vanadis: Vorn is a minor noble in some kingdom, and an excellent marksman with his bow. After a battle with a neighbouring kingdom, he is captured and ransomed by one of the captains of the opposing army, a War Maiden. Vorn is treated well and seems to take it easy -- he even forges bonds of friendship with his captors. But when his duchy is attacked by a rival noble, he wants to get back home to defend his land!
The background seems quite rich, the characters are rounded. Vorn might be a crack shot, but he is a humble man who wants to make life for his subjects better. And the 'others' have some likable people around as well. I'm really interested in this.

Ushinawareta Mirai o Motometa: Sou and Kaori are childhood friends, who live in the same house. They're both members of the Astronomy Club, which seems to be mostly used as enforcers by the student council to keep the other clubs from running amok in the period before the cultural festival. It's obvious to everybody that they're in love, but they haven't admitted it to each other. Just when Kaori confesses, she gets into an accident -- but then the next scene she's there again, and Sou finds a girl in the attic of the school...
It starts of normally enough, and then the last three scenes or so make it all weird. There's obviously more going on that is shown in this first episode, and the black cube of the sempai might have something to do with it. We were intrigued.
Also, it seems to be done partially in CGI, which makes it kinda odd at times -- and at other times, it's not distinguishable from cell animation.

Denki-gai no Honya-san: The life and times of the staff of a manga store in a non-specified 'electric town' (like Akihabara in Tokyo, but Osaka has it's own electric town). The cast is varied, and of course consists of many hard-core manga fans (though the number of female employees is oddly high, but that's how such series are structured).
We really liked it. It's fun to watch, and has a surprisingly honest look at the manga business: they even get a visit from an inspector who is to make sure that books 'unsuitable for minors' can't be read in-store. (She later turns up for... something else.) And even though everyone is a die-hard otaku, the series depicts their lives with compassion, like in Genshiken.
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