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The Lost Mine of Phandelver

After reading through the D&D 5th edition Basic Rules, I was getting inspired. I acquired the Starter Set, which contains a booklet with the basic rules and a mini-campaign. The five included pre-generated characters all have ties to some of the adventure locations (yes, multiple), so they have a reason to search for the Lost Mine of Phandelver, somewhere in the mountains near Neverwinter.

[(Mild) spoilers!]I really liked the pregens: they're rounded characters with good ties to the scenario and each other. And I also like the campaign itself. It has a start, a middle part and an end, like a novel. At the end of the first part, the characters arrive at Phandelver, the small mining town that serves as the base of operations for the group. The middle part consists of multiple adventure locations that can be tackled in any desired order, which I quite like. The 'quests' are given by the NPCs in the village -- it's a bit like a computer RPG in that regard. This adds to the adventurous nature of the campaign: there's quite a bit of wilderness travel and most encounters can be solved in multiple ways.
The campaign comes with some really cool maps, but only GM maps are included. A note at the start of the adventure booklet states that the GM should not show these maps to the players, but instead draw them out -- what a pity! It's a bit like the maps for the Dungeon Crawl Classics modules!
Luckily, hi-res player versions of the maps can be bought online from the designer for a low fee, but I would have liked these maps to be included in the box...

I've sent mails to my local RPG contacts (15 in total) with an invitation for next Sunday. I had expected that it would be hard to get a group of five together on such short notice, but within three hours, my group was filled up! And so I'll be running a second group through the module -- there's still one spot left, send me a mail if you want in!
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