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Out with the old, in with the new

I've been buying quite a few RPG books in PDF format: either RPG-related Kickstarters or the super-cheap sets from the Bundle of Holding. I put all these in my Dropbox for easy access across various platforms.
I can read them on my desktop, but when I'm on the road or I just want to relax on the couch, it's either phone or tablet. My phone (a Motorola G) has a nice screen, but it's not that big, so you have to keep scrolling and scrolling to read the whole page. The tablet is bigger, but it's also much heavier. If I want to get comfortable, I have to snuggle up and balance it on my knee or something, because it's just too heavy to keep in my hand for extended periods of time.

I had been looking at 7" tablets for a while, and even won an auction for an Acer Iconia A1-810 -- but the seller was dissapointed with the final offer and decided not to sell. Still, I knew I wanted a 7" tablet to read on, but I did not want to spend the EUR 200 that the newest Samsung tablets cost.
Digging around for a bit turned up the Asus MemoPad. The white variant (well, the variant with a white back) costs only EUR 120 -- which was quite acceptable. I bought it, and I have had it now for a week.
I love it. The tablet is light, so it's easy to hold in your hand. It's small enough to reach the whole of the keyboard with my thumbs when I hold it in two hands -- nice when I want to send a tweet or something. The back camera is pretty nice: better than the one on my phone (though admittedly that doesn't take much). And the screen is nice enough that I can read a PDF page by page without having to pan-and-scan.
All in all, very satisfied with that.

Then last week, I was at a client and I had lunch with my main contact there. I had taken my company phone (an iPhone 5S) with me, and as I laid it on the table next to my plate, we got to talking about phones. He was in the market for a new phone, and wanted an Android phone. I told him about my 'new' phone, and that I had had a Samsung Galaxy S2 before.
His eyes lit up: turns out that his daughters both have a SGS2, and he has repaired the screens a couple of times -- I guess teenagers can be a bit careless with their stuff... So he knew the phone, and he didn't want to pay a premium price for a new phone. So a second-hand SGS2 would fit the bill quite nicely.
The next day, I brought my phone to him, and he was very impressed with how neat it still looked after three years. I warned him about the battery life, and then sold it to him for EUR 80. That nicely offsets most of the cost of the new tablet!
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