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The Great Reckoning

After a (Japanese) TV season concludes, it is time for the Great Reckoning: taking stock of all the series that we decided to follow of the previous season(s). Often, this results in a mad scramble to download any episodes that my automated process has missed (there are always a few), but with the fibre internet it's hardly a wait!
Then to rename all the episodes so that my custom software will put them in the correct order, and then to put them on the external drive that is connected to the PC that lives under the TV -- quite a bit of work, but this up-front work saves a lot of time (and frustration!) when watching.

We watch two episodes per 'viewing session'. During the week, we watch in the evening, but in the weekends, we might watch in the morning, during lunch and in the evening -- so that makes for a maximum of 11 viewing sessions per week. That translates to 22 episodes per week.
The current crop has been 286 episodes, so that's fodder for 13 weeks: exactly the number of weeks in this season! Apparently we like enough to fill our time, but not too much more. (Though we also watch the first episodes of the new season, so we're creating a slight back-log. It's not bad having a bit of choice.)
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