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New anime

Last batch, promise.

Rokujyouma no Shinryakusha!?: Satomi is poor, so he is quite pleased that he found a really cheap room to rent so he can attend the high school of his choice. (And of course, one of his classmates is his landlady, because, you know.) Then he finds out his room is haunted by a ghost who wants to scare him away! And then a magical girl comes crashing through the window warning them about the upbuild of magical energy! And then the princess of an underground empire appears from under the tatami, who will make the room her beachhead for an invasion of the surface! And then a princess of an intergalactic empire appears, who has to make Satomi submit to her will, as some sort of test!
It's quite a mess, but a funny one. Could degenerate into some sort of sloppy harem-like show, but could also be a lot of fun. At least the characters are colorful!

Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance: In this fantasy world, elemental spirits exist. "Pure maidens" can summon them and enter in a contract with them, so they can use their magical properties. Each year, there is a festival called the 'Blade Dance' where the strongest 'elementalers' battle in an arena. And then one boy can contract with spirits as well, so he is entered as a student in the all-girl school of the elementalers. Hijinks ensue.
It's interesting, but all the fanservice and loud tsundere characters seriously distract from the plot -- I'm guessing that is to mask that the plot is quite thin to begin with. And when I read "elementalers", I think it's "Emmentalers", but the show is cheesy enough of itself.

Nobunaga Concerto: Modern-day schoolboy falls through time, into the Sengoku period. He meets Oda Nobunaga, who (at that time) is a sickly boy -- but the two of them look the same! So they trade places, so Nobunaga can relax for a bit away from court. Our modern day punk does all sorts of stupid things, but then he decides to have history play out as it is recorded in his school book -- so that he doesn't have to re-learn his history!
A plot that has been done before, but I think I'd like to see the schoolboy rise to the occasion of conquering all of Japan. But the whole thing is CGI, which gives it a bit of an odd look.

Francesca: Girls be Ambitious: Undead are appearing all over Hokkaido! This diaper-wearing exorcist girl with some sort of machinegun has to deal with them, but they keep on coming! Then statues come to life to help her, and they summon Francesca, the undead idol!
This half-length episode left me exhausted and confused. If you enjoy being exhausted and confused, or if you have a serious thing for zombie-themed series, then please be my guest!

And that's it for the new anime for the summer season! Of course, come October, we'll be (re)viewing all the new series of the autumn season...
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