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Barakamon: Seishuu is a professional calligraphist -- but when a curator criticises him for having a style devoid of personality ('copy-book'), he punches the guy in the face! Of course, that closes quite a few doors for him, and his father sends him to live on a small island, far from Tokyo, to rediscover his art. Life on the island is quite different -- one little girl in particular seems to open his eyes as to what really matters.
OK, so the plot is 'stuck-up city guy out in the boonies', which has been done before. But both the city slicker and the island natives are portrayed with compassion: everybody has their quirks, and while the combination of people is funny, no-one is made fun of. That makes it an easy show to watch, and I look forward to seeing Seishuu (re-)discover his own style of life and calligraphy.

Akagme ga KILL!: Tatsumi left his country village to travel to the capital with two friends to ask for their taxes to be lifted, since the village is too poor. He lost track of his two friends, and finds out that the upper echelons of society are filled with evil people who care nothing for others. He meets a group of assassins who have tasked themselves of cleansing the capital of the evil people, and gets (forcibly) inducted as a member.
At first, it seems like a normal fantasy romp, and then during the last part of the episode, we get Berserker!-levels of blood, gore and torture (though luckily we only see the end-results and not the torture itself) -- quite a shock. I'm not looking for torture-porn, but I was intrigued by the 'normal' fantasy parts. Conflicted about this one.

DRAMAtical Murder: Aoba is a pretty boy who works in a junk shop. His friends are all pretty boys -- most are in gangs who beat eachother up for no apparent reason. Or they play in some sort of VR game called 'Rhyme' -- and then get beaten up by the cops. Aoba tries not to get involved, but then suddenly he is forced into a game of Rhyme by a mysterious assailant.
Lots of exposition and little story in this one. I fear it's one of those series where more budget has been spent on designing the boys' outfits and hairstyles than the writing of the plot. At the end of the episode, we simply didn't care what happened with any of these people.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: When Sakura tries to confess her love for Nozaki, she ends up at home with him -- helping him ink his shoujo manga, since he thought she was just a fan. It turns out that the stoic Nozaki is actually the author (via a pseudonym) of a hugely popular (and romantic!) shoujo manga. Sakura ends up his sort-of assistant...
The total disconnect between the stoic Nozaki and his hyper-romantic plots is fun, and the way he does his research is hilarious. Lots of fun with this one!

Gundam-san: Three minute short of Char trying to make his mecha go faster by painting it red, and him being told off by someone else who I don't know. Perhaps if I was a total Gundam otaku I'd recognise these people and see the humour of it -- but I'm not and I don't.

Himegoto: Five minute short of a boy being forced to wear girls' clothing before being 'sold off' by his debtors. He is rescued by the student council of a rich private school who pay his debts -- but in exchange for that he needs to wear a girls' uniform and join the student council.

Ao Haru Ride: In middle school, Futaba was in love with Ko Tanaka, but the day after she fails to confess her love for him, he moves away. After that, she tries to keep boys away from her by acting as un-feminine as possible. Now in high school, she meets Ko again, though his last name changed to Mabuchi. He acknowledges her, but says that Ko Tanaka does not exist anymore. Futaba feels the need to explore their shared past and where that leaves them now, but Ko is not interested.
A bittersweet highschool romance, with lovely character designs. What's not to like?
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