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Sailor Moon Crystal: A reboot of the ultra-popular magical girl anime 'Sailor Moon'. Usagi is a bit of a klutz (though based on her behaviour in this first episode one could also call her dumb). She finds a cat, Luna, with a bald spot shaped like a crescent moon. Luna can talk (as magical girl mascots usually do), and when the mother of one of her friends turns out to be replaced with a monster, Luna coaches Usagi into transforming into Sailor Moon and defeating the monster.
We've never seen the original, and Sailor Moon has attained this mythical status. But we disliked the character of Usagi: she is dumb and does not reflect on her actions, making her some kind of incompetent hero. We'll be giving this a miss.

PriPara: Every girl gets a 'PriPara' ticket sooner or later, which is her entry pass into the world of idols. Using these tickets, they can dress up and enter auditions. Lala is entranced by the concept (though her school doesn't allow their students to participate), but she manages to gain access to PriPara anyway -- and then is 'discovered' as an idol!
Another idol series this season. I strongly suspect this is a marketing vehicle for another 'card-and-videogame' combo (with RFID chips in the cards that the machine reads out). And to make things worse, it's aimed at gradeschool-aged girls. I do not approve of the message given in the series: that dressing up and being an idol is the goal that every gradeschool girl should aspire to.

Aldnoah.Zero: A 'gate' was discovered on the moon that leads to Mars. However, there is an empire on Mars that doesn't look upon the newcomers from Earth with kindness. A war breaks out (blowing up part of the moon as well), but after some time a peace agreement was reached. Now the princess of the Martians visits Earth as a sign of good-will between the peoples, but she gets killed during a terrorist attack. This is the signal for the Martians to descend to Earth and eradicate the Earthlings. But things have progressed on Earth as well, and handling military equipment has been added tot he school curriculum since the war -- but can the Earthlings stand against the might of the Martians?
This season's hard-hitting mecha series. The Martians have no problems evaporating entire cities when their 'castles' land on Earth, so you know from the onset that this will be an uneven battle for the Earthlings. I think the main characters will be a group of highschool students who will have to use their training to survive. Should prove to be interesting, but it probably won't pull any punches.

Shounen Hollywood: The Hollywood theatre has been home for a very succesfull boyband in the past. But now it's closed -- a new generation of boy idols is being groomed. They're not that good though, and a lot needs to be done before they can even deliver their introductions in the right way.
Another show this season with idols as a theme -- probably based on an otome game (dating sims aimed at girls). This first episode, the cast gets introduced, so that everyone can pick their favourite. We see them rehearse, but they still have to go a long way before they can stand in the shadow of their illustrous predecessors... And there is an owl too.
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