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RPG with children

Today, we had our usual Pathfinder session. But instead of continuing with the usual Jade Regent adventure, we reprised our first-level characters to play Crypt of the Everflame. This was because three players had brought one of their children along to play. Two of the three had even created their own character, the third used one of the pregens that came with the module.
The group was 8 characters big -- so some of us played a more supportive role, and we let the children hog the spotlight. (Until they remarked: "Huh, you're letting kids do all the work for you!", at which I reminded them their characters were of the same age as ours...)
Pathfinder is a rather complex ruleset for when you're ten: which die to roll, which numbers to add... But with some help, they got the hang of it. We've also seen bits of some cool roleplaying, and everyone (adults included!) had a lot of fun. I think we haven't seen the last of their roleplaying -- they were quite excited that they could get to level 2 too, so their appetite for adventure has not been sated with this single outing.

(As an aside: wouldn't it be cool if the Pathfinder Beginner Box was translated into Dutch? Then they could read the rules for themselves?)

As I wrote before, I was 14 when I played my first RPG, so I was pretty pleased I could be part of someone else's first RPG experience. I thought of something that I, as a fellow player, could do to make it memorable. I bought some dice sets to give to the newly minted RPG players -- because you always remember your first session, and you always remember your first dice. (I still use the first D100 dice I bought for myself.)
Using scrap leather that we cut from grandma's old couch, we sewed small pouches to put the dice in, and presented them thusly to the young players. I think their fathers appreciated it just as much as they themselves -- and they now have a cooler dice bag than their father!
Unfortunately, we only learned upon arrival that there would be a third player, so we had only two sets (and two dice from a third set). So now klik is sewing up a third pouch that we'll drop off later this week for the third player, so that she too will have her own set of dice and a pouch to put them in!
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